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Does Hypnosis REALLY WORK for Quit Vaping


Ive been working with clients for over 15years helping them to quit. Im a fully qualified,insured and memeber of the .

Does Hypnosis really help you to Quit Vaping.The short answer is yes.Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you access your subconscious the control room of your mind to help you Quit.

Your conscious mind says "I dont want to smoke/vape Im feed up with it,its bad for me"But then from the back of your mind your hear the subconscious mind whisper "Go on sure you love it with a coffe,sure its Friday,one wont do you any harm, Ah to hell with it" Does any of this sound familiar ?

Sometimes it just feels like an impulse.Because your mind and body have been programmed to it.

Hypnosis helps you to send powerful suggestions to your deeper mind to recognise and not listen to theses automatic thoughts.It helps you to feel different about the old toxic habit. It helps you Let Go of any attachments or benifits you use to get from it.

In a cessation session I would also show you simple but effective techniques you can use to interupt any thoughts of smoking/vaping.

A personalised hypnosis audio is made for the client to listen to as they fall asleep in bed.The powerful suggestions to quit are directed into your deeper mind as you sleep. Our minds consolidate memories of the day,decides what to remmeber.Remember to feel differ about this toxic habit, remember I just dont need it.

Hypnotherapy is very poweful but its not a magic wand. Like all therapy it helps you to help yourself. Remember smoking /vaping is just a habit and like all habits it can be broken.What your mind has created it can undo.No matter how long youve been smoking or vaping you can Stop. Use hypnosis to help let go of this Toxic friend .

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Online Hypnosis Is As Effective As Face to Face Stop Vaping

Online Hypnosis is as effective as seeing a client face to face.Because it really is face to face isnt it.

Once I can see you and hear you there is no real difference.Infact there are many advantages to online.You can fit it in to your busy schedule.

When lockdown happened  I was exclusively working online.At first I wasnt sure if it would be the same.But after a few sessions there was no real difference.I actually had some of my most powerful sessions on line. So even I can understand someones reluctance.

If you really want to Stop then hypnosis I believe is the most effective way to help you.

I have helped many clients to over the last 15yrs Stop Smoking and Vaping with  hypnosis.

I Have specail offer 190 euro for two sessions.Second session can be so useful to make sure it works.As a ethical therapist it is also a commitment from me to be doubly sure.

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How Hypnosis helps you to Stop Smoking



Can hypnosis really help me quit?

I really believe it can.I have helped many clients to stop smoking .Ive been helping clients Stop smoking for over 15 years.Often clients come to me after trying everything else.Nicotine gum/patches,e cigarettes. Nothing has worked.Why is this?They may deal with the physical somewhat,but not the psychological.In trance hypnosis helps you identify the triggers and psychological association you have with smoking.Hypnotherapy aims to deals  with the physical and psychological triggers.What you once got from[endorphin rush] smoking you will get from releasing your own bodies endorphin.
Some clients find it so easy to stop,some find they have to make more of an effort ,some even find it hard.But if you stick with the programme your should get there .Smoke free .Its so worth it.
If you have any queries you can ring me for a quick chat without any obligation.I will be only to happy to help  you with any questions. Ger Griffin D.H.P ADV MICHP
Phone Number: 086 7310053
Benefits of stopping smoking are enormous.
Have way more energy.Feel much healthy.Save money.think how much money you will save as you stop smoking now.Lower risks of heart decease,cancer,stroke,bad skin.

Stop smoking tips
Think of the benefits of stopping. How much more energy you will have , how good you will feel.Think of the money you will save. You will be in fact giving yourself a pay rise. This will motivate you.
Think of the adverse effects,heart decease,cancer,stroke etc.Also will motivate you.
Use healthy alternative ways to satisfy any cravings eg When having craving drink some water,eat fruit.Take deep slow breath.Caving only lasts few minutes..Keep away from places you associate with smoking.maybe avoid you local bar for two weeks.Listen to hypnosis CD

How to stop smoking
Make a decision.More important than you may think.Once you've decided to quit.It will act like a GPS in your subconscious to find a way.Understand there can be setbacks when leaving any habit behind.Find a qualified hypnotherapist.

Find a qualified
What does hypnosis feel like
When was the last time you were in a hypnotic trance? When you just woke up in the morning,day dreaming.Trance is a natural state that we fall into several times a day.You will feel fully aware and can wake up at any moment.Its not like stage hypnosis at all.In fact clinical hypnosis is generally a very relaxing experience.
Its not stage hypnosis
What I mean by this that its not magic,even though sometimes it seems that way.Its not like I click my fingers you go into some zonked out state then your cured.I help the client to help them selves.Its still up to you.Hypnosis is not a magic wand.Don't get me wrong,you are more that quadrupling your chances to stop smoking forever.

Online Hypnosis

Online hypnosis can be very effective,Once I can see you and hear.its really the same as face to face.Some clients do the first session face to face then the rest online.It also can be very convienent and easier to fit in in toyour busy schedule

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Does Hypnosis REALLY WORK for Quit Vaping

  Ive been working with clients for over 15years helping them to quit. Im a fully qualified,insured and memeber of the . Does Hypnos...